One More Day

Shaolin Death Squad

Take a look at this place where I stand,
Sucking life inside out……from my hand
Appointing a person to be a friend…
They become more than that, then even less.

She (he) stepped in the way and took chance…and she (he) 
Confused, she (he) scratches her(his) head and starts to 
smell how she’s (he’s)
Rotting away…oh, so quickly.

Ciao, ch ch ciao, ch ch chuh caio ch, ch, ahh ahh ahh
Ahh ahh ahh
Ahh ahhh ahh

Lovers sulking on the wrong side of the road,
But they can’t hold hand ‘cause they have to hold their 
…big bloody heads getting smaller with every drop of 
But they can’t look at each other ‘cause that would be 
just one more day.