Chaos rampant, an age of distrust
Confrontations, impulsive inhabitant
Preordained life, fall of humanity
Extraction, termination, pains are agonizing stain

Lying, dying, screaming in pain
Begging, pleading, bullets drop like rain
Minds explode, pain sears your brain
Radical amputation this is insane !!

Deeper neurotic conflict inside
Freezing cold, excessive force
Empty personality's mutating
Slow, self destructive, systematic

Cascaded darkness, walls close on me
Nailed shirt but my eyes still see
Severe anguish as my body evolves
falls to your knees and crawl
The pain of life after death it resolves
Nightmare, shred, torment
Embryonic death remnants of life
You see the agony in my eyes!

Here in isolation seeing more than the eye can see
Safe in silence it's soothing to breath
so far out of reach
Body that rest before me with every dying breath
Spellbound and gagged I commence your fresh to dirt!

I deal in pain all life i drain
I dominate I steal your fate
I deal in pain all life I deain
Memories can't ignore, rise force of agony!!