Sense Of Ignorance


Burn my eyes and try to blind me
Dont need a reason for the pain Im feeling
I think Im going insane
The more intense, the sense of ignorance

Hate, breeds hate!
The pain will never leave me its scarred my brain
Stagnant state! Stench of hell!
No family, No funeral, No rosaries for

Disillusion, desperation!
Agony, the final conflict, give birth to death
Human hell, I cant take!
In the end, I lay there breathless, six feet under

Brutal existence
Aggravation infinite greed necrosexuality
All thats left is hate!
All thats left is pain!

Nailed, to the cross!
My blood boils up, spread the hate
Raging shattered past!
The spirit of demise has conquered our minds again