Picture Perfect


Picture perfect Hustler 8 by 10
Picture perfect Hustler (y'all chicas take a picture of me)
Picture perfect Hustler (Y'all haters take a picture of me)
Picture perfect Hustler, 8 by 10.

Picture perfect Hustler 
See I keep a nigga waitin, he hoes hatin,
they wanna fight I did this crack on snake skin
Force playing but I don't cheat
I been married to the streets that these hoes still datin
He like my energy he say that I got stamina
He love my lips he think they pink but they just lavender
He lick me up in the tub before I have it up
I ain't fucked I bust a nut and tell him 'Pass the dutch'
I get the Benzes and y'all bitches get the Maximus
Cause you lay there when you fuck a man I suck him like I'm Dracula
He think he ....... He wanna brag to his friends so I let him take my picture with his I-Phone
I'm the main attraction and y'all just commercials
Y'all hatin hoes tight and I ain't talkin detergent
So don't be acting like we friends get to the point like a pen
And when you take my picture make sure it's an 8 by 10

Picture perfect Hustler 
See I shine for my city, my lights don't dimmer
My rocks on shimmer and I kill'em and grill'em
They look like they suckin lemon cause they mad cause I'm winnin
And they growlin like they bears but they softer than chinchilla
I know a whole lotta hatin hoes, but I got Henny
Cause when I check'em they act like I'm speaking spanish
You never seen a balls bitch? Here, one up!
And you ain't gotta blow my spot, here bitch - blow cock
I'm a level 10 chinchatter, 305 better rims
Jack the ripper walking while there ain't a bitch that's better than
I'm the realest thing in Miami, y'all been fooled
Y'all fake rappers playing hookie but I take you to school
I'm sewing what I reap, what I cook I keep
And best believe I ain't the last one in the kitchen to eat
So take a picture cause you looking at a chick on lean
and when you take it please make sure it's a 8 by 10

Picture perfect Hustler [4x], 8 by 10 [repeat]

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