Beautiful To Me

Don Francisco

The crowds were in the streets that day when Jesus came
To town
All the synagogue was there and more from miles around
So I asked him home to dinner just to see what I could
Of this famous local prophet from here in Galilee

And I don't know just how that woman got into the room
But you couldn't miss her gaudy clothes and her strong
And sweet perfume.
She went straight to Jesus' feet and stopped and stood
Right there
Then cried and wet His feet with tears and dried them
With her hair.

Now of all the women in my town none was more well
For the flagrant sin she'd lived in and the wickedness
She'd sown.
But He didn't move to stop her -- seemed this phophet
Couldn't tell
That the woman who was touching Him was the kind they
Buy and sell.

And I had no idea just what this Jesus planned to do
When he said "Simon, there's something I need to say to
So I said "Teacher, if it's on your mind then tell me
What you will."
But as He began to speak to me the room grew quickly

He said "Take a good look at this woman now, in spite
Of all her fears
She's kissed me and anointed me and washed my feet with
She's honored me and you've been only rude to me
You gave no kiss of greeting, no anointing for my

And her sins were red as scarlet and now they're washed
The love and faith she's shown is all the price she has
To pay
For the depth of God's forgiveness, it's more than you
Can see
And in spite of what you think of her, she's beautiful
To me

Now my anger flamed to hatred, I wanted nothing more
Than to take this prophet by the throat and throw Him
Out the door
To act like God, forgiving sins, and then speak so to
This itinerant from Nazareth in backwards Galilee.

But instead I sat and trembled, shaken to the core
The woman still was weeping as she knelt there on the
Jesus turned to her and said, "Your chains have been
Your faith has saved you from your sins, rise -- walk
In peace."

Your sins were red as scarlet but now they're washed
The love and faith you've shown is all the price you
Have to pay
For the depth of God's forgiveness, it's deeper than
The sea
And no matter what the world may think, you're
Beautiful to me.