I Think Somebody

Mia X

[Fiend/(Mia X)]
I say somebody want they ass whipped, ass whipped
(I say somebody want they wig split, they wig split)
I say somebody want they ass whipped, ass whipped
(I say somebody want they wig split, they wig split)
Well let em have it x2

[Mia X]
You wanted drama so mama came squeezin shit, passin out clips
Bustin domes, rippin flesh, exposing bones and yes
I bring that, sending G's out barrel at ya, duck and run
Now how far you think you really gettin with this infared on my fuckin gun
Now workin for funds and I ain't the one hour hoe (for real)
But I love to show where it's been tell your body so
Look out for the riders open slider bitch from the TRU click
And camoflauge totin cockin spittin droppin shit not
Them bitches doubt I'm bout testin niggas nuts
Alias in jacks we trust I'm known for shankin up
Ranking up lyrically with the best MC's
Cause ain't no studio up in me, real niggas feel these
See Mia X is known for bringin wreck on top
Too hard for the beats you niggas drop
KL got the guns and open gunshots
Got the trigger hap temper and the Fiend four sons
A lyrical fiend at it's best and you bitches don't want none

Chorus x2

The colonel gave me permission, Mama drama pass the word to her youngin
Ask how I'm comin and will it get them haters runnin
I ask do rats sleep in dungeons, ????? comin
Do quick bullets get to hummin, damn right I'll bring the gun in
Get done in like a knife at a gunfight cause I ain't right
Keepin dope, smokin pipes, like a height cause I'm high as a kite
I'm cryin to fight, I'm a swing with my might, my fist balled tight
Man get it right, somebody best die tonight
Somethin have drama came and as drama came then, then came murder
Fuck your home I want your dome, call me your soul burgular
Have you heard of a shocker server, takin weed to his trunk
Bullets pump, and his cockin bad and louder then his womp womp
When I play it I say it, suck one nigga if yous the man
You man, caucasian, puerto rican, I don't give a damn
All I'm sayin, well I ain't sayin fuck, I just want the rushin shit
Bustin shit, screamin at em do you know who your fuckin with

Chorus till fade

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