The Afterlife


Land of the empire builders land of the Golden West conquered and held by free men fairest and the best
onward and upward ever forward on and on hail to thee the land of heroes yours when dead and gone
hail to thee land of heroes it's all yours when you're dead and gone
oooohh the afterlife (Hey!) we know how to make life go on oooohh the afterlife death is not the end of this song oooohh the afterlife
land of the rose and sunshine land of summer's breeze laden with health and vigor fresh from the western sees blest by the blood of martyrs land of setting sun hail to thee land of promise the end of our system
hail to thee land of promise life at the end of our system
oooohh the afterlife inside your own private kingdom oooohh the afterlife (hey!) Well do you (unknown) oooohh the afterlife
it's not a place you go it's a place that comes for you its not about who you know or who's in your heart it may come as a surprise but you are not alone all that you have is not what you own 
ooooh the afterlife