Break the Chain

Ride The Sky

My heart is so full of sorrow, so full of revenge
I can't sleep, the night is like horror
Feels like I'm losing my mind
Can't eat, I can't sleep
I feel like a creep, living inside me
I'm fading away

I'm haunted by dreams of desire
In the night I'm on fire
I am down where it's Hot
My soul is burning
Am I a psychopath or just a normal man?

I'm lost far out on the ocean
Can't find my way to the shore
I look for a sign, I open my mind
Salvation is lost to be found

Hunger and greed, call for its need
Emotions inside me, dragging me down

I'm haunted by dreams of desire
Give me strength, give me power
At night I am hot, I am burning
I need to break the chains from the darker side