Wide Open Road


Well, you said you had enough
You said that you were leaving
I said: shove off, honey - baby, I ain't grieving
Pack your bags and pull out this evening
There's a wide open road

On Saturday morning you were nowhere about
And so I searched all town, but you had done pulled out
I looked north, east, west and a-leading south
I saw a wide open road

There's a wide open road
It's leading south from my abode
If you stick a-round and turn your damper down
There's a wide open road

Well, the reason I was looking for you all over town
Was to tell you that your kitty cat is still around
And you left your wedding ring when you went down
That wide open road

If you're gonna stay away, then honey let me know
How to cook hot biscuits, how to roll the dough
Everything's gone crazy since I told you to go
Down the wide open road

There's a wide open road
And honey, I want you to know
You can look down south or you can turn back home
And there's a wide open road

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