These Are The Days

V Factory

These are the Days
Gotta let you go
Cause I let you in
I cried enough about you
Gotta walk away
Gotta hear my heart
All this pain feels so endless

I'm facing life, my sun will rise
The darkness makes the stars shine
And I can't look back
Now I'm on my path

These are the days I will stand up
And these are the days I won't give up
Not many times can my heart break
These are the days
These are the days I will treasure
And these are the days I will remember
No matter the pain that I've been through
These are the days
So many questions
Never know the answers
All these pieces leave me puzzled
Inside I'm searching
Knowing I'm not perfect
But I gave my entire soul



All the days go, so slow
When you feel you're on your own
I know, it's just those
Little moments you feel so long, so long
The world turns
And you start to learn
That everything around you might crash and burn
But always, know that
You are not alone