Realizing The Blindness

Transcending Bizarre?

...and a new day has come for all the men on Earth
Descarte's DNA was of a higher class
He could enslave all minds, he could trap all your moves
Just by 'reading' your subconscious thoughts

At first glance he was a lovely child
But no man dared to look at his face
He held the whip hand and could hypnotize
Everyone just by staring at his eyes

"Can you conceive that your DNA hasn't changed?
Thousands of years went to waste
Cause you walk blind ('cause you walk blind), you never dared to exceed (you never dared to exceed)
To exceed what lies (to exceed what lies) beyond your selfish genes(beyond your selfish genes)"

And as Descarte grew old and turned 25
His whole philosophy was finalised
In his hovel, alone, surrounded (by) ancient books
The age-long wisdom led to bliss and wealth

"Have you realised that your minds never changed?
Thousands of years went to waste
Cause you walk blind(Cause you walk blind), you never cared to see(you never cared to see)
To see what lies(To see what lies) beyond your feeble eyes(beyond your feeble eyes)"

"How can you bear all this madness?
Black, white, grey and black and white again
Nothing is new, your nadir is reached
This pendulum's swing came to a halt... 
I disdain to co-exist with you"