Eye Of The Storm


A story has come from the ocean
Whispering tales from the seas
The voice of the old has been spoken
A land for the young to be free
A ship that was built for destruction
The albatross circling above
The winds of the gods blowing stronger
Crossing the cold deep sea

Through the winds we sail
Over the seas
Hundreds of men
With pain in their eyes
High cold fearful waves

Over the stern
Searching for glory
Will we survive?

Lost, we are lost
And for how long?
Far from home

Now sailing the high seas
Afraid we are never coming home
Oh Thor, give us shelter
In the eye of the storm
The rain in our faces
It's cold but we have to carry on
Oh Thor, give us shelter
In the eye of the storm

At the stormy horizon
Thor is riding the sky

Stormwinds closing in
The sky opens wide
Black clouds are turning
Day into night
A journey filled with fear
Hope and despair
The Norsemen will conquer
A land once again

Thor, Thor your winds
Will guide us home
We will return

Under the lightning sky
Deep go our prows
But our dragonships rise
Dying for the sun
Under surveillance
Of Thor's watching eye

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