Allah Allah
Allahu ya Allah

In the dark of night, no light to shine
A veil for me to feel invisible
Temptations on and on and I'm broken till the break of dawn
Keep on, running 'cuz I feel I can escape
But when the sun comes up I wanna hide my face, in shame
And I wonder how I could do those things I know I wasn't raised this way

When I go out to that place
And I'm dressed up to the nines
And I dance away the night
Alone with a ton of temptation
And I hope no one I know can see
Fooling myself cuz I know that you see me always
And when the morning comes I'm feeling dumb I wish that I just stayed in

When it's just us two here on the phone
It can feel just like we're all alone in this world
And we can say the things we usually wouldn't, 
Use the words we know we shouldn't
There couldn't, be any justice, it's just us
That's how it feels but the realness comes to me, when we
Hang up and now I'm praying Ya Allah please forgive us
Give us mercy