What It Feels Like To Be Alone

Lost Years

I saw the way you move sweet and slow across the room
And I know exactly how you do. Every little line was
Right on time but I could hear her voice crack like
Mine. She had me in her claws and I would leave to
Believe every word she said.

Tell me are you alone again? I think you've
Lost your home. Tell me where it is that you
Go. All your hopes and dream metastasize to
Smaller things and I know what it feels like
To be alone. Every line that you've said
Another stolen poem from dead friends and
I know what it feels like to be alone She said.

Well it takes a lot to wish you well the times
I had put me through hell and I don't think that
We can ever be friends again.

Stay away, let me breathe, let me sink into anything.

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