Look To Reality

Witch Hammer

1.)	Chains are forcing on you.
To stand, like immobile.
World is all behind you.
You cannot see it in its whole.

Just flame is before you.
Your only ally.
Its light really calms you.
Shades are dancing on the wall.

B:) Only fire brings you visions. Shadows on the wall comes living.
And you are looking astonished so. World keeps on the wall.

2.)	One, actual view.
You´re mad, in the moment.
Cave, cover up you.
Give you shelter from the storm.

Just, moving shadows.
Speak, to your person.
Few, are the people,
who are able to be turn

R:) Into the light of reality. I´ve lost my way to be calm.
Don’t try to watch true reality. Scarf on your eyes is aplomb.

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