States Of Mind


I am tireless, sub zero, comin' from the wireless. 
Won't be no scenery, no part of the machinery. 
I go on and on, but never below, 
so now you see me and know. You can check it and go 
'cause I'm so bored that I can't even pretend no more, 
it's so pathetic that I'm rolling around on the floor 
laughing - at one big gag 
and every now and then they pull another rabbit out of the bag 
of sad diversions, useless tedious excursions, 
roll into unrealistic, crypto-fascistic, 
comedy doctrine. Kick the ballistics 
again and again and again, just say when 
ya had enough, sad enough or mad enough 
to do something simple and kind, 
now is the time 
a change of state of mind. 

I am a loner, a zoner. I utilize the microphone 
and if they try a tap I leave 'em hangin' on the telephone. 
They're wasted, so wasted, so 
they're waiting for the visitors so they can go and try again 
on the next step, on the next one. 
Come on and get some, jet some, static, 
solid-state, automatic. 
Sporadic and random - 'cause nobody planned 'em. 
Anarchy, free thought can't be bought, 
so disregard the lessons and the shit you've been taught. 
I'm saying it and now they're playing it to me 
larger than life every day and this is what they say: 

Shut your mouth and get back in line 
and if you don't like it - 
well it suits us just fine. 
WE pull the levers 
WE hold the strings 
and these are just a few of our favourite things. 
Learn the words of the company song 
"white IS right IS right IS strong". 
Come on children all sing along 
'cause if you think you can change 
you were never more wrong. 

No fuck that - you won't take me 
you won't break me and you'll never make me 
step in line, step march in time. 
Well you can violate my body but my soul is still mine. 
You must think that I'm fucking stupid, man, 
if you think I'm gonna hang with the program, 
some fool schedule. 
I don't give a shit about what is or isn't cool. 
I make the rules, I stand alone 
and if they try a tap I leave 'em hangin' on the telephone. 

One of these days I'm gonna get sectioned, [1.1] 
I bet they even say it's for my own protection. 
Rejection leads straight to correction. 
Look out, here comes a strange injection... 
They've got a drug to numb my er******  
but they won't take this from me: 
My State of Mind.