McNally Shannon

Nobody move, nobody breathe
No one gets hurt but me
Put the goods in the bag, lay it down easy

The horses want to run up Fifth Avenue, yeah
And I'd run too but I'm wearing these high heeled shoes
Someone trip the alarm, sirens come screaming
Colorado, Colorado

Everyone put their hands on their head
And their eyes on the ground
No matter what you hear
Don't turn around

Likely to get messy
And it's likely to get loud, to get loud, to get loud
And I'd prefer to spare everyone but me the sight
Of it all falling down

Cat's in the bag, so lay it down easy
Colorado, Colorado

Never knew how I felt till I felt that gun in my hands
Never knew the sound of my voice till I heard it with that gun in my hand
I'm going out those front doors like butch and sun-dance
Gunning straight down the middle with the sun in my eyes
Wanting for nothing but one bold moment in a fearless life

Today is a may day
With a fair wind blowing
Today no more may days
It's a good day to die

What else could I do?
You see how it goes
You're left with no front door
And a back door that's closed

So when they ask
My name is Colorado, Colorado
Is Colorado, is Colorado