Michigan City Howdy Do

Cash Johnny

Well johnson van dyke grigsby was paroled in '89
He never walked on a carpet never tasted dinner wine
His old eyes were slowly fadin' as he walked out of the gate
And he breathed the first free air he'd breathed since 19-0-8
Howdy do michigan city you're sure pretty sight
But I know there's bigger citties and more excitin' nights
But I think your girls're pretty and I love your children too
Michigan city indiana howdy do michigan city indiana howdy do
Michigan city indiana howdy do

Filled with the joy of freedom he didn't know that he was old
Cause time don't really matter when it's bubblin' in your soul
Well I don't think he was bitter cause he sure had a smile
And down the streets of michigan city he walked his first free miles
Howdy do michigan city....

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