I Roll Slow

Lil Cuete

[Chorus x2]
I roll slow through my city and Norwalk be the spot
Where Lil Cuete kicks it, drinking, smoking pot
Strolling through the One-Ways, the fun ways where I stay
And if you got some pleto homeboy bring it my way

[Verse 1]
I'm nothing but the real thing and to me you ain't nothing
So step up to me ese so I can show you something
You know I'm always packing; I'm everything you're lacking
And somebody like you, can't handle someone like me
I'm never taken lightly
And if you think I'm bluffing come and try me
And you'll see I'm just like my click
I'm getting crazy, amazing to be this fucking sick
A lot of down ass vatos but your the one I picked
To me you're just a bitch, a stupid ass lame
Not even from a gang, just trying to claim the fame
I'll tell you one more time, its Norwalk what I bang
We're all sick in the mente, crazy insane


[Verse 2]
I'm downing fools that shit talk
I represent the sick box
I'm wrapping fools in zip blocks
He had nothing but sick thoughts
Money filled in big pots
We're never using eye drops
Never will our high stop
Never will our high stop
Bitches late at night tripping off the cloud of pipes
Starting a gun-fight with another rival
Shooting 'em down with a rifle
The number One Gun is me
Remember when you change the Q in to C
But fuck the C I'll cross it out
Right before I take you out
I'm taking a trip to the beach
And I'm throwing him off the at pier
Fear when I'm near, no one will hear
When I'm throwing him under
Fool, it's the one whenever you think that I'm leaving
I'm leaving you bleeding
The Demon deceive 'em whenever I'm coming ahead
Shooting them all until their dead, until their dead

[Chorus x2]

Yeah...Little Peter Cuete
If anybody got offended by this motherfucking album
I just got one thing to say to you..
FUCK YOU!! Huh... little gun and I'm out

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