Hard White Wall

Joan as Police Woman

I'm watching you become a man
Well, how does it feel to be living
This wild enchanting dragon whipping?

You stepped into my better life
Without a seam out of place and I wondered
When you'd struggle from your neatly pleated covers

'Cause I saw you in my life in the end
For better or best you would be my man

I wanna throw you up against the hard white wall
And make you mine, and make you mine
But there is time I must be gentle with
This rare chance taking wonder child
Make it through the jungle and I'll meet you on the other side

'Cause there was magic in our dancing tonight
For better or best you would be my man
Man, don't you wanna dance?

To the swing of the Bach Courante
To the sway of the leaving trains
To the swish of your lash, I cry
To the soar of the shadows
To the hustle of chance
To the mystery in our hands

'Cause you've been moving
Through my wintery night for a long time
And snow has fallen at our feet
We watched the tracks of blood disappear
And you, you, you, you stood by me

So I will go on leaving nothing behind
Leaving nothing behind, you would be my man

The hard white wall, oh
Up against the hard white wall, oh
You're my hard white wall, oh

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