Casus in Tenebris


Under the highest powers, this is how it is meant
And this is how it's always been, Fuck the World

Sparkling like fire is that
Funeral procession in my mind
I am living that darkest time
Collapsing everything behind
From the stars and forests I find myself
Closer to myself

I'd like to sink, but only As The Darkness Enters
Death is a holy communion before dawn of a new age

From darkness I receive my power, I feel so close now
Like a breath on my hair or touching my skin
as a stranger in this world
Red as blood and black as chaos is this touch
That I've adored just to see the truth

On the wings of burning chaos, riding the Apocalypse
Let chaos come, I remain standing, I keep it in my embrace
Casus In Tenebris, potestas umbrae et mortis

So beautiful is that nightwing along which we ride
The path of our ancestors
Along the life forgotten, as the ruins of burning world
Give rhythm to this procession

I am darkness who fell, light disappearing
Let destruction and harmony rise, from between life and death