Gringo Son Puerocs Feos

Leftöver Crack

Stamping out the acient cultures to spread a new disease 
sailing on a dollar sign across the seven seas 
the banner is white, blue & red 
the locust's flight to swarm the dead 
a buzzing plague to cage the lost 
the spreading web breeds holocost 
the third world's in your sweaty hands 
you bleed 'em dry & rape their lands 
you loan 'em cash to kill their soils 
white bureaucrats divide the spoils 

Swirling red & blue lights flash upon the housing walls 
my back against the lockless doors of countless bathroom stalls 
sifting through a puzzled life until the pieces click 
wading through america-the hate, the lies, the sick 

(I'm) spittin'at the flag you wave 
(I'm) pityin'the life the life you gave 
the propaganda zombifies 
to stuff your head with hateful lies 
(&) violence really keeps the peace 
all across the middle east 
with diligence we scorch the soil 
and siphon out their prcious oil 

All these patriotic lies oft sicken me to wake 
how much shit & disrespect are we supposed to take 
while you chant amongst the bleachers "U.S.A. is #1" 
we'll cheer the empire crumbling down to rot beneath the sun 

We have to be the winning team 
democracy's a dying dream 
& everything is classified 
to keep our terror justified 
we have to keep our engines filled 
so what if forign blood is spilled 
I'm blind to the reality 
if the media lies, it's news to me 

This is what you're proud of when you have your little flag 
a sovereign nation brutalizing a wetted paper bag 

And all the worlds a cage 
we're locked upon the stage 

(In a)Capitalist society 
we're threatend by autonomy 
their labor must belong to us 
in cash & greed & god we trust 
(it's) just another policy 
to cripple their economy 
bury them in endless debt 
to the world-bank & the I.M.F. 
(so)I'm burnin' up the flag you wave 
I'm dancin' on your fuckin' grave 
you're sellin' devastating death 
you're suckin' souls & robin' breath 
& your greed's a blasphemy 
you're profitin' from misery 
where will all this madness end 
when the money burns & cities rend 

(The Rain) 
A golden sunset in darkest night 
it melts the skin & blinds the sight 
a fungal cloud of blackened ash 
the rain floods down to spark the rash 
into your mind the sickness bores 
while underground they lock the doors 
you glide into abysmal deep 
escape, escape, to sleep