The Isla Waters

Silly Wizard

I have funds tae buy me whiskey
Monie funds tae call my ain
But if I should get to fu' o' water
Wha's the man that would carry me hame?

CHORUS: And if I be dround in the Isla Waters
Hou the deuce would I win Hame?
If I be drounk in the Isla Waters
My wee doggie would find me in the Isla stream.

Ilka day I cross that water
Aye she's brackent wi' the sea
But if there is o' ale-hous laughter
Daurk an' still she waits on me. CHORUS

Like the fisher's line that's brawken
Leaves the salmon tae the swell
Monie's the nicht ye'll fan' me souken
But ye brak the line yersel. CHORUS

Aa' my days I've lived the quarter
Baud and bonnie fine stuff I've seen
But should I droun in your water
My wee doggie would find me in the Isla Stream. CHORUS