If I Don't Write This Song Someone I Love Will Die

Hello Saferide

I check my bed for bugs and spiders (though I don’t 
really believe they’re there)
I check my head, it’s getting tighter
I want to stop, but I don’t dare
I will not sleep until I’ve counted to 200 three times
I will not sleep until my pencils lie in a straight line

Goodnight, goodbye
It’s late, and I’m too tired to cry
Goodnight, goodbye
Just let me close my weary eyes

I pray to God twice in the evenings
And check the stove four times each day
I spin around the door to make sure that it’s locked
And wear these lucky socks until they fade away
The house might burn down, and it’s all my fault if that 
puddle doesn’t get me wet
If I get home before the rain you’re mine, but I won’t 

One day, I’ll be stepping
On cracks and close my eyes
But I’m too tired to argue with myself
I’ll just do this one more time

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