Intense Mortification


Cold dark night, nerves are tense
Strange sounds out of nowhere, the fog is dense
You lay in your bed quaking with fright
Shadows in the hallway, something's not right...
Sounds in the kitchen, your nerves swell
There's a creature in the basement, a monster from hell
It slimes up the step, unholy rasping hiss
Who knows what it wants? Who knows what it is?

Horrified, your sanity ebbs
You struggle to survive
Mortified, you know you'll never
Leave this house alive

Foul smelling breath, it draws you near
You scream for mercy, no one can hear
Your terror is relished, it claws ooze with gore
Substained by your fear, it feeds on your horror!!!!

It's teeth retract from your skull
Feasting on your brains
Mortified, you'll know you'll never
Leave this house again....