My Bleeding Heart


My soul hungers for human blood, Every day I yearn for more
With every kill, my human heart turns into stone
I have killed sworn enemies, betrayed my closest friends
I have dishonoured my clan, 'cause I once drank human blood

Memories I tried to forget still haunt my soul
The face of my first victim I shall never forget
The look filled with horror and betrayal
The face of the one I have loved for so many years

I couldn't live with this foul murder
But I couldn't resist the temptation
My best friend I killed with great delight
And I drank his blood as if it were wine

Nothing could stop me from this endless killing
For it was the only way to forget
To forget my first kill
The dying face of my eternally beloved

For years I have lived without conscience
For years I have lived only on human blood
For years I have been unbeaten
For eternity I feel the emptiness in my heart

My bleeding heart
The arrow piercing the flesh
The slayer I thought I had beaten
Now defeated me

On my knees I beg for my life
The slayer remembers me of my dead wife
At last my Darkest memories have returned
To torment my soul just before it burns

Remorse is the only thing I can think of
Forgiveness is the only thing I want
Death is my only future
Hell is where I belong

With my dying breath I ask this rogue
Forgiveness for my unforgivable sins
Her answer seemed so unreal
Her voice was not hers
My old love spoke the words
I feel complete
I am saved
The slayer saved me
I owe her my life
But I am already dead