As Free Act And Deed

Ador Dorath

I wanted to decide
To look up and start out
Learn to hark
Learn to... 

It's up to you what you will trust in... 
It's up to you what you will prefer... 
It's up to you what you will cull from... 
It's up to you what you will decide... 

You can't have these chances
So choose carefully
Some opportunities will not happen again

Say this Say that
Bow your head
Set your teeth
Keep abreast
Do not gainsay
Kneel down... 

Is this what you want?
What you believe in?

Aware of irreplaceableness of my being
Aware of no possibilty to refuse my personal decision and responsibility

You have never had just one chance
There is always something in between
Never say never
Everything is in our hands
What seems to be... may not be real! 

We don't want... don't allow... 
We'll not let them manipulate us, 
Or tell us what to do... we are free... 
We are free... 
Free... ! 

Nothing is what it seems to be
What exists, doesn't need to exist... 
There is always one chance everytime
Your decision converts your time to come... 

... It's up to you!