Two Way Street


   Am  E  G  Dm
1. I feel the 4 become 5
   And I'm waiting, waiting, waiting
   For you to walk down the boulevard
   and to take me, take me, take me 
   but the moment you appear
   you wake me, wake me, wake me
   out of the slumbers of my head
   from the slums of loneliness.

   C  G  F  D
R: And there's no conspiracy
   behind the way to heist me
   when love is a two way street
   (love is a two way street).
   and I think I'm ready
   to let you get under my skin
   I can't make you fall for me
   (love is a two way street).

2. We're coming close to our fate
   they'll put a star beside our names
   and I couldn't care for the history
   when I've got you in front of me
   the cars could all collide
   the shards of glass? won't catch my eye
   cause you're almost by my side
   we're counting down at the green light.

R: And there's no conspiracy...