Wandering Limbs


   Cmaj7                            Amaj7
1. I'm gonna dangle my feet over the wire
   Cmaj7                                      Amaj7
   Despite your despair, I'm going over to the other side
   Cmaj7                                          Amaj7
   There's a break in the clouds where the crimson collects
   Cmaj7                                              Amaj7
   Anticipate my demise, the world's different from up here

   A                                            F#maj7
R: Am I caught in the background, or part of the scene?
   F#maj7                                          A 
   Misery in the comedown, when I come down from here.
   A                                            Dmaj7
   Are we tangled in each other, or placed in between?
   Dmaj7                                          A
   Like a stone, or a stones throw away from falling
   Am I just sketch in the landscape,
   Or arranged close to you?
   A                                                Dmaj7
   I think I fell into a strange fate with wandering limbs
   And eager hands

2. Now the sun's gone to lay, I can lust towards space
   I'll transcend into blues, fade out from the ground greys
   I feel so beautiful, cut me off from the crowd cries
   I got the birds eye view, now we're all just dots in a sky

R: Am I caught in the background...

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