Slow Cookin'

Gentry Bobbie

Slow cookin'...
Let me add a little spice to your life,
Serve it up and make it feel real nice
Slow, fancy lookin'...
There are things you can't learn from a book
Come into the kitchen and I'll show you how I cook

When you want your love to last, cook it
Don't wanna burn it up by cooking too fast
You gotta cook real slow...

... Cookin'
Careful! Don't you burn yourself, the fire is hot
I'm cooking up something that you're going to like a lot
Slow, fancy lookin'...
Come on now, the flame is getting strong
I can't hold out any longer

Set it to the right degree, cook it
Good lovin' don't need no recipe
You gotta cook real slow...

... Cookin'
Slow, fancy looking
Slow cookin'