Audio Push

The Los Angeles Leakers
L.A Leakers Boy
L.A Leakers
HS-87 we the plug nigga

[Verse 1 - PriceTag:]
First off don't bro me if you don't know me (Don't do it)
Cause I can read through you niggas, Adobe
I'm getting big faces, Ginobli
You getting lil' faces, Emojis
23 already feeling like a OG
Reminiscin' when I used to be on scooters with my homies
Strapped up Tony buy snickers and a Sobe from the liquor store
It's West Coast screaming team Kobe
(All) you rappers, sleep, insomniac
Apartment building fucking bitches in the laundrymat
Ride with my Rugrats, holdin' up Tommy Gats
Kick the party with no gas up in the Pontiac
Then head home with your bitch getting live on the skype for the snap show
All titties, all ass I swear I am the Mac Pro
With all that Apple you finna get a app though [Say that]
I'm the Steve Jobs of these fucking raps ho
I hit the club picking bitches out like afros
Set trip and get stomped like a frat show
Young nigga grew up off of that Weezy
Shootin bb guns and usin s cross for the bbs
Shout out my Ex's watchin' T.V yeah I know that y'all see me
I'm screaming T.C until you niggas 6 feet me [It's Price]

[Bridge - Jill Scott:]
Brilliance is an act of perfecting!
Brilliance is an act of perfecting!
Brilliance is an act
Perfecting, perfecting, perfecting
Brilliance is an act
Am I saying? I wonder if my diction is correct

[Hook x3:]
I set this bitch off!
Well set it off for me then
Set if off for me then
Set it off for me then
Well set it off for me then
Set it off for me then

[Verse 2 - Oktane:]
I'm just dedicated to gettin' medicated
It's for my English teacher that told me I'll never make it
This next shit is awesome baby we 'bout to take it to the next level you ready?
I like big blunts and I cannot lie
I'm too real
I used to lie a lot
And save your feelings
But now I ain't give a fuck how you feel
That's just real, It's like this
I.E is the city nigga me and Price runnin'
B-O-Dub the set my nigga, me and Price from it my nigga me and price from it
It's inevitable my nigga cause me and Price comin'
I'll even turn my back, start runnin'... GO!
I wish I would worry 'bout another, ho-ass-nigga, on my, nerves
About who's who and who did what first
When I'm sitting really comtemplatin' buy me a hearse
Cause if another motherfucker ask octane
Where a nigga got his bucket hat I'm a kill myself
Ain't another nigga real as me
Exactly why she feelin' me
And I still manage to feel myself
Now where's my lighter, bring my cheeba
I ain't no pastor, I ain't no preacher
I'm just a young nigga not rapping about Buggaties
Cause I don't got one, and they don't either
And I'm just sayin', what everybody's thinking
Boy I gotta be the shit cause not everybody's stinking
Step up in these means now and everybody's speaking
People still buy rap music and now they got a reason, Jill


[Hook x3]

[Verse 3 - Logic:]
Reppin' Maryland to the fullest push us but never pull us
Living driven appreciate what I'm giving yeah stillers
From the east to the west, we connect and never the less
Stay blessed, get it done, do your best now
Open my composition, to kill the rendition never switching positions
The mission is murder my competition, the second they listen dismiss'em
I'm a wrap their body up and send'em where nobody'll miss'em
I mean that lyrically, see I've been at it since a youngin'
While they was runnin' and gunnin' getting done
And we was livin' on food stamps
The government frontin' tryna survive fuck a 9 to 5
We ready to dive in the deep end while they creeping on the reallest
God damn can you feel us?
Man these haters wanna kill us but we still us
Probably wonder where I've been at, I've been laying low
Touring the country with Kid Cudi at every show
In the meanwhile working on the album
Visions of vivid images that be the outcome
And y'all so focused on these record sales
That you don't even remember what this music entails
I mean it's all good if you want to appeal to a certain demographic
But never forget where you come from
Getting swept away in the sea of music trying to create something current
Think about it

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