Shout Out

Ruff Endz

Check it out, hmm
Ruff Endz, yeah baby
Two thousand yo
No doubt, baby
For all the shorties.

I wanna send some love out to my baby
Cause she's the only that makes me feel complete
I gotta send a shout out to my lady
Cause she's my shorty, my dime piece, my homie
And she's the only girl for me

I'm lying in my bedroom
Thinking about my baby
She's like a picture from a magazine
And she's all mine (all mine)
I'm really, really feeling her
And I wanna tell the world
So Mr. DJ won't you please play, a song for us


Stop! Hold up!
Let me tell ya what the deal
I was wrong and I know it, gotta say it
I was running with some other girl
And I knew I was wrong, I was wrong, yes I was
So I'm calling to apologize on the radio, hmm
So Mr. DJ, can you please say a shout out for me?


That's right, check it out
This one goes out to my dime piece
This one goes out to my homies
This one goes out to my shorties
This one goes out to all the ladies

Mr. DJ, oh
Play something, something for my baby
Send a shout out to my baby


Oh, oh, oh...