Just As Your Lips

Promise of Redemption

Just as your lips
Just as they fall right off that glass
You look more beautiful
Than you ever have

Well tell me what is wrong
And I will try to make it right
Am I the only one
Who's afraid to say goodnight?
And will you fall asleep next to me
And sleep to dream
Cause that's the one thing that makes you happy
I'll shed the light from your beautiful eyes
So you can sleep
As long as you like
And won't feel so far away

Well Portland is sweet,
Just like morning rain
On a summer's day
Just to sit out
And watch it get sunny again
With all your best friends

So as you're driving in your brand new car
Put this in and sing along
And turn it up as loud as it goes
It will prove to me that you know
You're truly happy when you think of me
So sing this song loud, as loud as it can be

And run my hair through the wind
With the windows down
In your Mercedes Benz
I hope you will smile
Your pretty smile
I hope you will smile
Your pretty smile
Even if it's a bad day
Just as long as this song reminds you of me
Just as long as

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