L'il Boys Play With Dolls

The Lords Of The New Church

Well come on. Now we were stranded in the jungle looking for some
Rock And Roll. Like Vietnamise babies on a food patrol. Well
Babylon's kids were just out lookin' for a kiss. When mystery girls
Took the stage give 'em a great big kiss. Well hey jet
Boys where ya goin'? Wat'cha doin'? What is da mattah wit 'cho?
Well a lonely planet boy shared a dream with Frankenstein. With
Ricky corvette and a puss-in-boots to keep the time. Then come
London pills, Billy splits the scene. And a bad detective got
Nigged right from the queen. Well hey trash boys wat'cha wearin'?
Wit people starin'? What is da mattah wit'cho? Well they
''smacked'' the world like a human being subway train. Personality
Crisis brought a whole down again. Chatterbox don't you
Start me talking 'bout no dirty arm. Hey bad girls it's too
Late to repair the harm. Well hey boys where ya goin'? Wat'cha
Doin'? What is da mattah wit'cho?
Well when Li'l Boys Play With Dolls they gonna show them all.
But when li'l boys played with dolls they really showed them all.
L'il boys playin', Li'l Boys Play With Dolls. Don't mess with cupid.
Shatter the dreams of all. Why do li'l boys stop being li'l boys
Who play with dolls? Hey wat'sa mattah wit'cho? Private world..
Wat'cha gonna do? You best believe I'm in love too, L-U-V
LUV....too much. Too soon.

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