Greetings From The Gallows

Blood Has Been Shed

You should have seen this coming from miles and miles away
God knows you had your best face forward
Soothing the soul with words of solace
Spoken like a true devil
Change your colors chameleon
But I still smell your stench in the morning air
the hawk always flies alone over an empty filed
For the deceiver dual blades to slit the throat
Give up the ghost that's all she wrote 35,000 ways to hate you
I'll see your forked tongue as my trophy
Compromise compromise
I'll be your scapegoat you'll be my sacrificial lamb
All lies are truth until your lies are revealed
Well look who's bleeding now who's bleeding
Now how does it feel when you are inside the scope
How does it feel to be the game so look who's bleeding now
Who's bleeding how could you foretell your own demise
Fall Babylon fall
Death to the obsession