She Speaks To Me

Blood Has Been Shed

Yeah lets start all over 
Let's live a lifetime 
In the span of moments 
Closer drawing close but your face only 

Slips further away 
Forgive my selfishness 
I only want what is rightfully yours 
Bite my tongue 

I'll silent and hope your words will sound like mine 
Does my perfection make you weary 
Are my mistake just a waste of time 
Am I just a waste of time 

The path I follow has the tell-tale smell of ashes 
Before it all bursts into flame again 
I want this life to be worth the the sacrifice 
I've grown so weary why won't you speak to me? 

In the midst of all of all the heartache look for the roses 
When destruction tears the world in two 
Can you find the roses 
There must be more than a tear while I'm falling 

A memory doesn't always cut away 
No Strength to pray for the end-the-weeds turn to roses.