Beyond The Grave (The Kings Reign)


Tonight is the night
The night of my death
The night of Satan!

I venture into a dark planet
A hellspawn I am
I walk the demon paved left path

A moment in the time of Gods
A lifespan in the time of Man

I see into the raptured eyes of the cobra
I eat the occult poison of the scorpion
I drink the chalice with the wine of wrath

Demonized I soar
With the angels of death
Into the Cocytus of the Abyss

I descent alongside fallen angels
Once bestowed their magic upon me
At the altar worms devour my physical capsule

Beyond the grave!
Beyond the grave of Gehenna!
Beyond the grave!
Beyond the grave of Gehenna! unlearn what was learned

With the flaming sword
I am sanctioned into a secret inter galactic order
The new breed awakes
Alongside celesial beings
Galactic High Priests bestow their magic upon me
My crystal pearly eyes see through the 3D veils of reality
They have pierced the side of Christ
Witness the great secret empire unfold
By an inter galactic brotherhood
Not of human race

Soon my legions will devour off your flesh
Your molten wax capsule rotten to the bone
You shall never be enlighten
You shall never awake
Only too late