The world asleep outside my window
A peacefull orange glow upon the streets
A midnight clear enough for thoughts to breed in
And grow into ideas I'd like to keep
I'd like to keep

I need some friends and conversation
The keyboard shapes the words I'd like to share
My mind's online for hard communication
And open to the wider world aware

And down the wire to the server miles away
I'm calling out to those who'd help me deal with my insomnia
And down the wire at the server miles away
A world awakens reaching out to me in my insomnia

Diving deep into the flow of information
Where I escape from my life of despair
I'm free to pursue inspiration
While you're contented just to dream in your beds anaware

Riding high on the waves of the ether
I am alive with the thrill of the chase
I could stay in this moment forever
And last forever and a day in a hard interface

I wish that i could crumble to dust
Leaving my body powder and rust
I could remain here virtual man
Cloned into digits beyond return

No one would miss me
I am alone
Ghost at the window
Shadow of stone
Nothing to lose
And heaven to gain
Knowledge is power
Freed from my sad

I am the light shining bright in darkness
I am the bearer of knowledge and pain
I am pure as the wind in december
My spirit burning clean as a virtual flame