The Cross And The Crucible


In the beginning there was darkness
And in the darkness there was fear
And fear gave birth to God
Whose rule was harsh but clear

But reason led to questioning and God became a man
He retreated to the skies
Though some began a search to comprehend the universe
The men of God screamed out - you must not question why

So in towers and in attics
Pure reason took its course
In hiding from the so-called holy man
Who'd wipe it out by force

Then emerging from the shadows with triumph in their eyes
Came the keepers of the flame
As the iron hand of science took revenge upon the pious
They wondered if the world they knew could ever be the same

How can these mighty opponents be reconciled?
The cross and the crucible fight for our souls
In the here and the now and the after-life

Mortal man can't understand the mind of God
You need us to guide you to the glory of the Lord
Creation's not a toy for man to prise apart
God provides the spark that puts the questions in your heart
He holds all the answers, lead you from the dark
He holds all the answers - do not question