Keanu Eyes

Bergman Marit

Someday soon
I'll think his childish laughter's
I'll resent the way he talks 'bout
Booze, drugs and cartoons
I will think he's shallow
Someday soon
I'll rant about his lack of taste
And soon 
He can look for my love somewhere 
far beyond the moon
and I will have forgotten his embrace
But for now, all that I
Can think of is his keanu eyes
Oh I'm not ready I keep slipping
All the time
I'm longing for the day when he 
won't occupy my mind
I guess I'll just have to wait
Another while

Someday soon
I won't remember rainy 
Warm soft skin and kissing 
under blankets 
I assume
That any day now, he will be 

But it's hard oh so hard
Lonely Sundays, crisps and
Coke and chocolate bars and
I wish I could stop wondering
Where he went
And what he's doing now and 
And what we were and what it 
Right now I just wish that he 
was still around