Let's Ride

2 Pistols

When you see me in slow mo once I turn my back
You wanna talk real tough but you not real like that
So let's ride (2x)

You don't want to try me, leavin niggas soggy heated repeated the nina be hot as wasabbi
Feelin the fury of missouri sicker than ozzy laughin at playa haters gigglin like fozzie
Wocka wocka wocka the nina poppin your shockara bout to stop up and lock up office I got the body
Out at mecropolis fuckin offa this pop of this toss em off in a *** cause murderin is a hobbie
You be actin like you bleedin the block preachin crack and rap and you needin to stop
We can wack wax and imediately flop be the type of crap that indeed it be brought
The want the drama it can be they way but they don't really wanna see the ninay spary
Let em all bleed it can be they day fuckin up with tech n9ne and dj clay

You don't even know me actin like we homies then when I turn my back's when you hold me
Pussy motha fuckas the ones we call phonies keep talkin that leave yo momma lonely
All black van creepin down your street slowly doors open up and we leave your home holey
If your not in then we know where your ho be barrel to her head while I'm makin her blow me

For all you fake flakes givin real a bad name you can save it cause we can seee through you
Like glasses what you was made of I'm a let the oozles like I'm not aimin make you loose noodles and I ain't talkin ramen
Garentee you ain't leavin with what you came in me and tech n9ne will pray for you amen

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