The Curse of Death


The bringer of plague, the bringer of death

A fist in humanity's face

Unleashing the wrath, save your last breath

Condemning the human race

Inverting the cross, the image of Christ

The sign of weakness and lies

The world is aflame, evil will rise

Torment will be your demise

You shall fall

The plague is spreading fast

Death to all

The triumph of death at last

No help from your god, your feeble lord

Evoking the evil unseen

Summoning of the demonic horde

A genocidal war machine

Your god has failed, he is now dead

Killed by the arch nemesis

Death is a fact, blood's flowing red

Satan will take what is his

The curse of death

A swarm of plagues

You will be dead

None will survive

The curse of death

You will be dead

You are cursed


Darkness ascends, black clouds draw near

Only ashes remain

The end of the world, it's finally here

Suffering and pain

Mankind is but a memory now

No life, no laughter, no light

Darkness will reign, now take a bow

Everything's transformed into night