Coming Home

The Supervillains

it's been raining since I left 
and I've been gone for days 
I don't know how much more that I can take 
before I just explode in my head 
I haven't really slept 
I probably need to eat 
and I keep falling when I skate and now I'm bleeding 
on the hot concrete so I drink all night 

then I get home 
until I get home again 

when I go to bed tonight, I'll have you in my arms 
we'll wake up when we want to, we'll unplug the alarm 
I'll take you to breakfast 
baby your in control of you, of me, my soul 

how I'd love to touch your face 
and run my fingers through your hair 
and I promise you real soon 
you'll wake up, look over and I will be there 
please don't drink all night 

now its time for me to leave again 
please remember to lock up at night 
and I promise not to drink too much 
or stay out late, doing drugs and getting into a fight 
everything's o a fight all right