Don't Get Left Behind

Virgin Snatch

Ace! - watch the human face
Before you make the same mistake
All the scum is kept alive
By stupid act of grace

Why never I saw you god
I never saw no miracle
Freak or mighty - nevermind
But don't get left behind! 

Don't get left behind.
Nevermind if wheels are on the line
But kingdom built on lies
Word's of propaganda! 

There is war on our dissent
Would you tolerance the peace?
This is sum of your ambition
From which never got released

All the saint's and angels are gone! 
Spilling own confounded blood
Reverants start fucking themselves
Their divine guide is too mad! 

Ace - keep the distance now
Before the system will fuck up
Holy law means piece of crap! 
Don't look for this in the sky

Now you can join the ranks
Bank of the celebrity
We created you. like new brand
So don't get left behind! 

Once there was a compromise
A name would free us from all lies
Distorted reality
The fake that we could leave behind

When I hear unjustified cry
I say: better for all. let time go by
So. take the risk of being left again
If you are the true statesman!