Stupidity Overgrowth


There’s something wrong and people just go along.
It seems that world have gone insane.
Everyone hunts after tangible wealth.
And I? I rather abstain.

Stupidity has overgrown,
it became a major trait
followed by omnipresent indifference,
violence, also aggression and blind faith.

I don`t know neither who to trust,
nor what to believe anymore.
Don`t you see what`s happening
and don`t you see what for?
Because I do!

I`m puzzled by the world 
rotten to its core.
I`m trying to keep clear of this
and fight, 
fight my own war.

I`m against idiocy 
in these days becoming norm,
becoming lore!
Almighty Lore!

Stupidity has overgrown,
It became a major threat.
Let`s give those jerks power to rule our world.
Let`s become brainwashed living dead.
Is it what you want?