Epilogue Pt. 2

Until Rain

Now sweet years have passed
Well I can't go that far
Another night I'm gonna dream inside her
Feels so unreal it only takes a while
You're gone I feel I'm going astray

They said in time you'll learn
To live with all your pain
Her velvet arms she always wraps around me
Please don't succumb to the doom that haunts me
Don't let it swallow your heart

I hide all day
To make her stay
Near the celtic shore
Waves sing her song
You wish for mother's hands
Can't touch you
Alone in the dark
You quiver in cold

You squeeze your pillow
At nights you weep
Cause rita kane has died
So many years

All in vain but my life in dreams
Though now she dwells in god's forgotten realms
Never wanted this
(never wanted)
Never wanted these
(never wanted)
I never wanted dreams
I never wanted anything

"i turn my face away from the bright light of day,
I hide her this way”


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