On & On

David Anthony

Good morning
You caught me starin at you again
While you sleepin
I promised God I'd your protection
And when you woke up and smiled at me
I jus knew that there was nobody better, no
The luckiest man on the planet is me
And I pray that we'll forever be...

On & on & on & on & on
I want us to go...
On & on & on & on & on

You bring out the painful sad in me
I'm a clown whenever your around
Oh, the tone of your voice
The frequency
I can't thing of a more pleasant sound
You got me thinkin bout you havin my babies
I'm changin from the inside, out
And at the end of our days
Wanna look around
Wanna see that you are still here with me yeah

On & on & on & on & on (on & on & on &)
And we go...
On & on & on & on & on (on & on)

On & on & on & on & on
On & on & on & on & on

I need you with me baby (need you, yeah)
Gotta get you by my side (by my side, oh)
I need your energy to make everything alright (everything)
I need you closer to me (closer to me)
It makes me comfortable (comfortable yeah, yeah)
I'm always here for ya (oh)
Always available (won't you let me baby)
Jus let me be your shelter (be your shelter, oh)
Let me protect your love
I made a deal darling (I prayed)
Comin with God above (and I'll do my part)
I'll do my part baby (oh)
To show you that I care (show you that I care)
Know we can make it
I'm positive
And I'll always here...

On & on & on & on & on
I'll always be here...
On & on & on & on & on

On & on & on & on & on
Forever and a day...
On & on & on & on & on

On & on
Oh lord...
Forever, forever yeah
Ever and a day
Forever & a day

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