Take Me To Forever


Situations come along
And I can't understand myself sometimes
Feel as if I were drowning
Won't you lift me up?

And sometimes I can't face it, no, no
When I take a look inside
And I just don't like what I see
Is there nowhere left to hide?

Because I think about tomorrow
And what I really know
Is that I can't contain this feeling
Growing deep in my soul

Take me to forever
Point me to the sky
'Cause I don't like it
And I don't wanna spent another sleepless night
We can be together
You can make it right
And I won't feel like my life was a waste of time

Reaching in the darkness, mm-hmm
My innocence is long, long gone
I'm caught up in this loneliness
Has time done me wrong?

'Cause when I look into the mirror
I see what I've become
And I've lost my own direction
Only you, only you can lead me home

(Repeat Chorus)

Time will turn all the pages into memories
Ever since you touched my heart
I have wanted to be free

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