O Solitude


O, how it hurts
The sting of solitude!
I''m quenching on my own
My solitude is going to kill me

O, how they tighten
The ropes around my neck!
What have I done to myself?
From this self-made hell
Who is going to save me?

As I''m laying here
With my eyes closed
I can see you smiling, drowning in joy
I reach out my arms; beg to touch your face
But you stand there motionless
Waving from the other side

Childhood memories: tears of happiness in my eyes
Sitting in the middle of a crowded room
Around me joyous faces -those who loved me
They are all here for me -I''m the pride of the room
Beautiful paintings on the walls
Someone throws a match into the fireside...

Where are they now? Please, tell me!
As this pain cuts me in two
And nobody is here to heal my open wounds
Alone I am dying, alone I am crying
I pray for time to come and take
The remains of what seems to have been me...

Even the shadows of time have abandoned me
They left terrified by the empty look
On my scarred face
Time has forgotten me
I''m getting older every day but I never die

"The time has come to end your life:say a last goodbye to the world"
"I can''t do such a thing"
"What are you waiting for? The world doesn''t need you. Die like a honourable man"
"NEVER! I shall live and learn to bear this damned pain!"

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