Arlen Griffey Prelude


My son Benjamin has always been the smartest kid I ever knew. 
We didn't have easily much money because I was in the army. 
Ben was smart enough to do anything he wanted. 
He could easily become a doctor, lawyer, scientist. 
His love for music was very clear early on, when he started singing all of the words to Michael Jackson and ...  songs 
When he was five, Benjamin was mixing his own cassette tapes using an old turn table, with still cassette tape deck. 
His favorite album, the sample with Michael Jacksons "Thriller" and it was altered in numerous special cassettes for Benjamin alone. 
I'm very proud of my son for following his dream in music and refusing to surrender to the pressures of a tangled world.
The things I wish for Bens future are: be happy, stand up straight for your beliefs, remember your family and help people whenever you can